Sensory Training - SIRRI SenEx™

SenEx and the Sensory Training Program offers a unique way to exercise and train the nervous system with multiple types of sensory stimuli including; light, sound , motion and tactile stimulation; combinations of these stimulus variables, either simultaneously or separately are provided to "exercise the brain."

The senses of each client are assessed through a multisensory evaluation. All variables used in the program are based on this evaluation. The SenEx Sensory Training Program focuses on developing these sensory systems which are necessary for the brain to focus, attend, expand and learn!

The program helps strengthen balance, gross and fine motor skills, body and spatial awareness, eye movement, visual tracking, visual fixation, auditory processing skills and midline brainstem integration! Learning is based partly on context (brain function) and partly on content. ** If there is a problem with context - then all of the content in the world won't result in learning.

The SenEx Sensory Training Program is a 90-day program that requires in-office sessions for 10 consecutive days. Following the initial two weeks, clients return for in-office sessions for at least two five-day reloops separated by 4 weeks each. Each in-office SenEx protocol is customized for each client to achieve maximum training of the visual, balance and auditory systems.
  • Visual Training (seeing) - Visual training uses a custom designed computerized light instrument. The client views colors throughout the visual spectrum and develops visual tracking skills such as: saccades, smooth pursuit, convergence, and improved visual field awareness. This helps to train attention, visual motor control and the visual system's receptivity.

  • Visual Spectrum

  • Auditory Training (hearing) - The SenEx Auditory Training Program is provided to help improve auditory processing, attention, listening skills, and to reduce sound sensitivities. After a listening profile is performed, the client will receive modulated sound based on their individual needs. This is applied through headphones that the client wears while going through the program.

  • Vestibular Stimulation (balance) - SenEx uses a patent pending motion table to deliver movement in a reclined or upright position. The table moves in different planes which aids in visual tracking and vestibular system and cerebellar stimulation.

  • Tactile Stimulation (touch) - SenEx uses tactile stimulation while on the table to provide controlled sensory input to the individual.

The SenEx Sensory Training Program
can be designed for children or adults!